Armed Forces of the Philippines Commissioned Officers Club (AFPCOC) of what it is now started with a directive establishing a mess hall in all camps and bases of the AFP, as stated on the AFP Regulations (AFPRG) 521-821 dated 14 June 1960. The purpose of the mess hall then was a venue for the AFP that provides the daily rations of the force.

 From simple mess hall, it evolved to an establishment of a command facility and country house, called AFP Commissioned Officers Club (formerly called Country), where dining and social gatherings can be held. The now Valdez Hall was the first AFPCOC building that accommodated the official functions of the AFP. As promulgated on 5 October 1974, the GHQ, AFP letter directive provides the policies and procedures on the operation and management of AFP Commissioned Officers Country, which is under the supervision and control of Chief of Staff, AFP (CSAFP), who heads the Board of Governors.  It also contained, among others the list of authorized patrons, privileges of the members, duties of the Board and its officers, and operations and management policies. At that time, the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and other members (EXECOM & BOT) are appointed by the Chief of Staff while the positional members at that time are the Commander, GHQ & HSC, AFP and Chief of Staff of the Major Service.

 The said provisions were further updated and institutionalized in the GHQ Staff Memo #1 dated 23 July, 1975 which prescribed further, among others, the mission, functions and organization of AFPCOC. The initial table of organization of AFPCOC was introduced. The AFPCOC was initially composed of and operated by the General Manager (GM) and under him/her were two (2) Assistant Managers for Admin and Operations. Under these two support Managers were divisions and branches with corresponding functions.

        On 17 February 1983, the old AFPCOC Building, now the Bulwagang Valdez, was gutted by fire. By the end of the year, construction of the new building started. The construction of the main building was completed on 22 March 1984 and was inaugurated by then President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady Imelda Marcos.

        On   12 October 1983, Armed Forces of the Philippines Commissioned Officers Club, Inc. (AFPCOCI) were registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock non-profit membership organization.  The said registration was approved and released in 1984.

        On 10 October 1989, AFPCOC Organization and Regulations Manual (ORM) 89-1 (originally drafted in January 16, 1975), was published. Said publication consolidated and codified all directives and publications related to AFPCOC.  AFPCOC was placed under the Board of Directors (BoD), headed by The Deputy Chief of Staff, AFP, which composed of a Chairman, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and other key officers of the AFP. The Executive Committee (ExeCom), headed by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, J1, was formed to assist the Board of Directors in designing and formulating policies and review the operations of the club.

        On 26 December 1997, thru General Order No. 1463 GHQ AFP, AFPCOC   (referred in this record as “Club”) was deactivated and integrated under the GHQ and HSC effective 01 January 1998.  The said publication was nullified by General Order (GO) Nr 415 dated 23 April 2001, which activated AFPCOC effective 23 July 1975. This particular order effectively assumed that the deactivation never happened in 1997.

        On 01 January 2000, a new AFPCOC Organizational and Regulations Manual was published which is the current policy in effect. The Execom was created chaired by J1. The General Manager (GM), AFPCOC, and Legal Officer as one of the members.  In addition to the Execom members is Chief, SPS and one (1) representative for the major service ones.

       On 15 February 2001, the entity (referred in record as “Club”) submitted an application for tax-exemption with the Bureau, which was approved on 21 November 2003.

       On 21 March 2006,  A Board Resolution was approved including the Chief of the AFP Resource and Management Office (RMO) (formerly Deputy Chief of Staff for Comptrollership, OJ6) and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (J4) as members of the AFPCOC Board of Directors, the purpose of such inclusion were to monitor the government properties as well as the resources utilized by AFPCOC, and to ensure proper utilization and accounting of MOE related to manpower (military personnel), land and building, electricity and water and POL requirements of AFPCOC.

     On 05 November 2009, AFP Commissioned Officers Country was officially renamed the AFP Commissioned Officer Club through General Orders No. 868, GHQ AFP.

 Based on the GO 415 GHQ AFP dtd 23 Apr 01, AFPCOC is clearly under the direct supervision of the CSAFP thru the Board of Governors (now Board of Trustees) and a separate unit under GHQ & HSC. 


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